Global IES Method

We offer a Global IES method. An eclectic symmetry that supports good practice. The Global IES curriculum reinforces a journey that not only addresses students’ cognitive development, but also their social, emotional, and physical development. 

If a child’s learning is continued on a natural bases, according to their individual instinct, with careful guidance, their pleasure in learning will continue. 

The Global IES curriculum is based on this premise. It is designed to enhance a child’s natural instinct and thirst for knowledge.

 The method incorporates both National and International criteria, and ensures a solid foundation, which allows for streaming into any other form of education.

While the Global IES method offers bilingual fluency, the essence of this method is the manner of education. Children acquire the mind-set of independent learning.


Assessments will be done at the beginning (diagnostic), during (formative) and at thevend, of each module (summative). Children will be tested on what they have learned and their results will define their proficiencies and challenges. Their personal projects will be determined by the test results. Diagnostic assessments – determine existing knowledge. Formative assessments – support students to become better learners, by monitoring their progress. Summative assessments – provide students with opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned and gives a clear insight into their understanding. Practical projects – in order to demonstrate understanding. standardised testing – in order to determine the standard.

The vision for our students

  •             To respect themselves and others;
  •             to sustain the desire to learn;
  •             to see obstacles as challenges;
  •             to be resilient and adaptable;
  •             to achieve their personal best;
  •             to become global citizens who grow up to be socially responsible adults.

Core values

  • Respect for ourselves, and others.
  • We inspire a sense of responsibility.
  • We instill the value of tolerance.
  • We elicit proficient competency.
  • We facilitate pleasure in learning.