In our afternoon program, Monday to Friday, at our Centre for Young Professionals, we offer various workshops. These workshops allow children the opportunity to discover their interests, talents, and to acquire qualities and skills that can be applied in all areas of their lives.


Good to know

Costs: Included in the total school fees
Time: 16:10 – 17:50

Our BSO activities

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  • Culinary skills
  • The growing of food
  • Making soap on a natural basis
  • Making care products on a natural basis
  • Nutrition – food that gives our bodies energy
  • hygiene – cleanliness
  • safety – working with heat
  • following a recipe – directions and sequence
  • working together – teamwork
  • time – planning and how long it takes to cook various food
  • the properties of herbs and spices
  • allergies – replacing ingredients
  • religious principles – why certain sectors do not eat certain food
  • measurement and conversion
  • growing fruit and vegetables
  • first aid
  • Children will follow a program in which their natural curiosity is stimulated and where they also learn technical skills.
  • skills – how to use tools and which tools are best used for specific actions
  • materials – which to use for each project
  • safety – working with tools
  • Inquiry
  • The theory and concept of science
  • Critical thinking
  • In this century, technology is indispensable. The children learn about different types of technology. They learn to work on an iPad,  smart phone, camera and computer. The children learn skills such as how tools are used and which tools are best used for specific actions. They also learn basic computer skills in both Apple and Microsoft, Powerpoint and Prezzi.
  • materials – which can best be used in the project
  • coding – 21st century technology – understanding and proficiency in technology.
  • Children are encouraged to explore and follow their own creativity. Each individual has personal insight, an opinion and their own creative thinking.
  • They are exposed to different ways of creating, and taught the skills to apply that creativity.
  • To modify a pattern to size – measurement
  • to pin – safety
  • to sew – skill
  • colour coordination – colour coding
  • finishing a project
  • expression
  • fabric
  • materials
  • printing
  • first aid
  • The children are introduced to all types of sports.
  • Being active and having a lot of movement is an important part of a child’s development.
  • Different sports will be offered so that children have the opportunity to discover what their interests and talents are.
  • During team sports children learn social skills and team work.
  • During individual sports children learn perseverance and inner strength.
  • Children get to know theater; expression, themes, stories, costume making and all the skills needed to create their stage piece.
  • The importance of movement
  • safety – movement without injury
  • How to energise their bodies
  • skill of movement
  • the rules of the game
  • first aid
  • Expression / expression
  • Improv
  • All aspects of theater