About us

About the school:

We are a mindful school. Mindful about ourselves, our environment, our community, our planet, our future.

  • A mindful mindset
  • Small, bilingual, mixed ages
  • International Global community
  • Supportive of working parents after school club at the school at no extra cost
  • Flexible holidays
  • All children are taught in both Dutch and English, which means they become fluent in both languages
  • Healthy vegetarian and nutritious¬†meals prepared by the children and teachers and provided by the school
  • prepare and eat all meals together



I am Linda Vierwind and I teach Dutch as a language at the school. I also teach all subjects in Dutch {My mother tongue}. My hobbies are music and cycling.


My name is Karen Schneider and I am an Educational psychologist. I teach social emotional skills at the School. I speak three languages (English, German and Afrikaans). My hobbies are art and walking my doggies.


My name is Ingrid Elbertsen and I teach English as a language at the school. I also teach all subjects in English (my mother tongue). My hobbies are reading and art.


I am Max van Kekeren, young entrepreneur and Wizzkid in ICT. In collaboration with 21st Century Global School I share my knowledge and experience of ICT with the students. In these lessons the students learn basic computer skills as well as Web design, building websites, and programming.


I am Joost Dobbe and I provide music lessons for all students of the 21st Century Global School. The children receive both group and individual music lessons with me. The children learn how to play the harmonica, bass guitar, keys, percussion and drums and songwriting. Besides being a music teacher I am an experienced singer, guitarist, and singer-songwriter.