About us

Fully Bilingual Education

We use the unique bilingual curriculum created by Winford Bilingual Primary School. 

As a result of our approach, our pupils are completely immersed in English and Dutch throughout every school day and can switch easily between the two languages. This approach aims to ensure that children who have been with us from the age of 4 can move into any Dutch or international school at any level.

Our Dutch language curriculum is VeiligLerenLezen and our English language curriculum is Oxford.

Small class sizes

With two teachers in each classroom and no more than 20 children per class, we are able to focus closely on each individual child. Both teachers are fully qualified teachers, one native Dutch speaker and one native English speaker.

Flexible holidays

This flexible holiday schedule allows our families to take holidays throughout the academic year. In addition to these flexible days, the school is also closed four weeks in August, two weeks in December and for any national public holidays. This means that your vacation and travel schedule is not bound exclusively to the Dutch holiday schedule. Our families can choose the holiday travel dates that work best for them.

Warm, nutritious, vegetarian lunches and snacks

Mid-morning we have a small healthy snack of fruit and vegetables. During the lunch period, children receive a warm, vegetarian lunch.

These meals are cooked in-house. Lunchtime is for 30 minutes with outside and free play time after the children have finished eating. Children do not have to rush to finish their lunch. We do not use external volunteers or staff at lunchtime. All supervision at lunchtime and playtime is carried out by our teachers or school staff.

Positive Discipline

At our school we use the Positive Discipline method. Positive Discipline approaches children in a way that is respectful, kind, and firm. We treat the children with respect and expect to be treated with respect in return. We teach the children how to communicate with those around them in a way that is effective and positive. Children are encouraged to be independent and to understand that there are logical consequences to their actions. We believe that our approach helps to create children who are happy, capable, and kind.